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 Offshore Development

Why Outsource?

What really differentiates Celestial Softech from others is the ability to lead clients through a program that delivers substantial business results, rather than acting as a passive "order taker".

Unlike most offshore providers, our business is based on client relationships that are driven by value and shared goals, not rigid, lock-in contracts. We act as your partner in transforming IT to align with your business. We accomplish this with a unique approach based on:

• Commitment to client partnerships.

• Adopting and continuously improvising upon our software development practices and processes.

• Formulating HR policies within our organization that orient our team to have an indomitable urge to excel and to deliver robust and working software solutions.

• Continuous up gradation and training of our team by experts to understand the criticalities of offshore coordination.

• Domain and technology experts.

• We know how to turn our clients' goals into reality.

• We can quickly ramp up a team with the necessary competencies to get you to market fast.

• Offshore Outsourcing has come a long way from its origins as a tactical source of inexpensive talent. The processes, approach and methodology for offshore outsourcing at Celestial Softech are at a high level of maturity now. It is now easy to use and adapt thereby adding substantial value to benefits from some of the best brains globally working for us at optimal costs.

• Celestial Softech has pioneered its processes based on experience of doing offshore software development for over 20+ satisfied clients globally since 2008 and learning continuously from our experiences and deploying the most prudent and well thought processes for offshore coordination and execution in place.