Ruby on Rails

Why only ruby on rails?

Often Known As RoR or Rails, is an

• Open source web application framework for the Ruby Language
• Follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture
• 10 times lesser than java with an Agile development methodology
• Easier, faster and cost effective
• Offers Greater data security in recovery

Ruby on rails is compatiblefor all type of web application, Such as

• Small-mid level business Application
• Large level Enterprise application with rapid development
• Custom application & software development.
• Web-based application & product development.
• CMS Development services
• Blogs, Widgets and Social Networking site development
• E-Commerce Application Development

Some of the well-known web applications built with RoR are:

• Yes! The same
• Basecamp: project management tool by 37 signals
• Bixee: A job portal
• HBO Asia: HBO’s Asian broadcast online
• Scribd: online document sharing and publishing
• Shopify: e-commerce • simplifyMD: digital chart room for small hospitals
• Twitter: Online community and social networking

Why Celestial for RoR?

Celestial has hired some of the best breed form the market with the technology specific experience.

We don’t just apply logic and build benchmarking architecture. We try to sync our service/product design with the common sense of common people.